3 Tips When Moving to Arcadia CA

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting things that can happen during one's lifetime; it signifies a new beginning, a fresh start, and can be a time of unbridled optimism.  However, it can also be a time of nearly unbearable stress and brutally hard work if things aren't planned out well.  To make the move go smoothly and be enjoyable, here are three tips for moving into your new home.

Tip #1
Decide where your furnishings will go ahead of time, and draw them in on a floor plan of your new house.  This way, when you're packing, either you or your hired moving crew can label the boxes according to the room.  You won't waste time on moving day by deciding at the last minute where everything should go; you and the movers can place the large furniture exactly where it needs to be in a timely, organized manner.

Tip #2  Take a proper inventory of items being packed.  You'll want to keep track of where things are packed, and you'll want a master list for quick reference to see if anything has been lost.  If you've hired a moving company, be present while they are packing your belongings and while they are taking the inventory.  You'll want to make sure the inventory they take is correct, so make sure you look over the list they give you before you sign anything.

Tip #3  If you've got kiddies or pets, make sure they're out of the way.  Children running around and pets can be a real hazard while you or professional movers are lifting and carrying heavy objects.  To make the move as safe as possible and easy on everyone's nerves, ask a relative or a friend to take the children to their home for the day until everything's been moved into the new house.  If you can't find a pet sitter, you should bring your pets to a kennel.

Finally, if you've got friends or relatives helping you with your move, be gracious and provide snacks, beverages, and even a meal in the evening if the move takes longer than planned. 

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